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    Learn how the stock market works. Go to the public library or bookstore and search on the Internet to find books and other sources for investment in stocks. Your primary goal when investing in stocks is to at a relatively low price and selling when the price rises. [1] The difference between the purchase price and the selling price is your profit. For example, imagine that you have to and price per of 15 . This is an worth 1,500 pounds. If the has increased, after two years, to become 20your will turn from 1,500to 2,000 pounds, giving you a profit of 500 On the other hand, if you at a price of 50 per you have an of $ 5.000 Say if the after two years, to become 25 , your will turn from 5,000 pto 2,500 giving you a loss of 2,500 pounds. Stock prices are affected by a lot of people’s views about the performance of companies, but not always influenced by intrinsic share value. rises when many people are flocking to sell more than buy. The falls when more people want to sell more than buy it. [2] This means that short-term Osar is often influenced by the feelings of the people are not affected by the basic facts. It is possible that prices move depending on the tales or misinformation or rumors.Buy stocks Internet.You’ll also receive free trades every month if you maintain a certain balance or meet a minimum number of trades. When you log in, you can view and access your stock portfolio online using a drag-and-drop tool. Check news and alerts about your stocks in real-time. You can also install a plug-in on your browser to help you can perform a trade no matter what website you’re visiting for news and information. Maribor, Slovenia

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